Nutrition Counseling

As part of our wraparound services, our Board Certified Oncology Registered Dietitian works closely with our patients to help them maintain optimal nutrition during their radiation treatments. Nutrition goals during treatment might be to manage nutrition related side effects, maintain weight and plan for eating habits after treatment.

Survivors who have completed treatment are eligible to participate in BCC's Live Well program.

Patients treated at the BCC have access to the oncology dietician even after they have completed treatment. 

Spotlight on our Dietician

    Amanda RDN, CSO, LRD, is an oncology dietician with a bachelor’s degree in Food, Nutrition, Dietetics and Exercise Science from Concordia College.  She has been providing nutritional counseling for almost seven years for the Bismarck Cancer Center and has helped thousands of people with their dietary needs while going through cancer treatment.  She also has been a dietary speaker at conferences, corporations and health fairs across North Dakota.  “My favorite part of my job is building relationships with the patients and the families I work with.”  Her position brings her face to face with many of the patients at BCC, while helping them learn to eat better.  One patient she hasn’t been able to forget, was a gentleman she helped a few years ago with neck cancer, “He finally had realized he needed to follow my nutrition recommendations.  He came in to say he was sorry for giving me a hard time and he should’ve listened right away.  He said, ‘You saved my life’ ”.

During college, Amanda was influenced by her family’s willingness to give back.  They visited remote villages in the Philippines and Uganda where they built churches and dug water wells.  “We also brought food packs for malnourished kids through Feed My Starving Children.”  In Uganda, they had an x-ray machine at their clinic, but not enough money for x-rays. 

They had an ambulance, but it was broken down.” She realized the differences of a third world country, yet there were many similarities deep down, “No matter where you are born in the world, you can have similar values and beliefs.  Their families are important to them, just like my family is very important to me.”

   Amanda and her husband have two young boys that keep them busy in her free time.  She also enjoys outdoor activities, yoga and shopping.  She feels very lucky for the gifts in her life and says, “All the things I’ve experienced have really helped me realize how fortunate we are and how appreciative we should be.”

   For more information on BCC’s nutrition counseling or to schedule Amanda for a speaking engagement, call the Bismarck Cancer Center at 701-222-6100.