Oncology Massage Therapy

Spotlight on Bismarck Cancer Center's Oncology Massage Therapist

‘With pain comes strength’ is Courtney’s, Bismarck Cancer Center’s oncology massage therapist, favorite saying, and she takes that quote to heart.  She says connecting with the patients is her favorite part of the job, “Being able to help them while their going through a tough time in their life, makes it all worthwhile.  They don’t have to think about their cancer for that 15 minutes.  It’s their escape time.”

She says there are many positive benefits of getting regular massages, especially during cancer treatment.  It gives relief of muscle pain, promotes relaxation, improves circulation and strengthens the immune system.  She also adds, “Those who are going through active cancer treatment or are in recovery, should be seen by a massage therapist who has undergone oncology massage training.”

Courtney has been doing massage therapy for the last nine years and became board certified in oncology massage in April 2014.  She has a passion for helping people and chose massage because she knew she wanted to be ‘hands on’ in the medical field.  Her life changing moment was February 2015 when her Grandma passed away.  “She was my female role model.  She was a nurse and helped people and she helped me want to help people.”  After her grandma passed away, Courtney knew that she needed to make a change, “It really made me focus more on what I wanted to do in life and I found my calling at the Bismarck Cancer Center.”

When not working at BCC, Courtney works part-time as a massage therapist at Broadway Salon.  She takes pride in being a mom to a son and daughter, and in her spare time, she enjoys working out and shopping.  If you have any questions about BCC’s oncology massage therapy program, please call the Bismarck Cancer Center at 701-222-6100.