Corina Larson, Tobacco Cessation Specialist, Bismarck Cancer Center
Ask a Pro - Vaping

Ask a Pro

Q:  Is vaping safer than cigarettes?

A: Vaping is not a safe alternative to using tobacco. Vapes or e-cigarettes produce an aerosol by heating a liquid using a battery and a heating element. Contrary to what many think, this aerosol is not just water vapor and usually contains nicotine and harmful substances, including heavy metals like lead and cancer causing agents. E-liquids used in devices may be labeled as ‘generally recognized as safe’ but research show that safety applies to ingestion, not necessarily for other exposures, such as inhalation. Besides dangerous chemicals the amount of nicotine in vapes and e-liquids is a lot more than cigarettes creating a higher addiction rate. Some pods are equal to 1 pack of cigarettes with some as high as 9 packs of cigarettes. Cigarettes are FDA regulated so the nicotine is the same in each cigarette.

   Cigarettes are not safe either and still rank highest cause for lung, head and neck, oral, esophageal, and rectal cancers. This is due to the 7000 chemicals and 60 known cancer causing agents.

   Nicotine replacement therapy, medications plus counseling will double their chances of quitting. If you or someone you love is addicted to nicotine. Free coaching and cessation medications are available from NDQits: call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or

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