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Healthy Desserts


                                           Sweet Treats

Raspberry-peach Yogurt Smoothie

This creamy smoothie is a great on-the-go breakfast. Not only that, it’s a great way to get calcium and two servings of fruit in a jiffy.

Baklava with Fruit Compote

Our lightened version of the sweet pastry offers a full, nutty flavor, but without all the fat and sugar.

Pumpkin Oat Muffins

Low in fat and loaded with vitamin A and fiber, pumpkins are good for more than just fall décor – they’re also delicious!  

Papaya and Almond Smoothie

Almonds give smoothies a delicious taste and are very nutritious.

30-Second Fruit Salad

This recipe is simple enough for young children to help prepare.

Zesty Watermelon

This is a great recipe for parties and family gatherings during the summer.

Mint-Chocolate Meringue Cookies

These bite-sized cookies burst with flavor that belies their low calorie and fat count.


Chocolate Chip–Sour Cream Coffee Baby-Cakes

These mini cakes, sized for portion control, are great for dessert or served as part of a brunch.

Make-Your-Own Trail Mix

Present the ingredients for this do-it-yourself recipe in different bowls or containers.


Choose-a-Flavor Cheesecake

Our recipe for cheesecake blends several low-fat ingredients to create a deliciously creamy dessert.

Energizing Smoothie

This tofu drink is packed with protein, calcium, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber, so it will boost your energy level any time of the day.

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