Advisory Board

Meet the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation Advisory Board, a wonderful group of committed volunteers who are dedicated to helping to find ways to provide financial and holistic services for the patients we serve.


Bill Bauman, President

Bill Bauman first became motivated to volunteer and serve on the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board both because he traveled his cancer journey through the Bismarck Cancer Center (“It’s why I’m am still here”) and because while he went through treatment, he often prayed he might one day help others and give back as they traveled through their cancer journey. 
His most memorable experience of working on the BCCF includes working with the Hope Givers annual event, which holds a special place in his heart. He also thoroughly enjoys working with a caring, devoted staff. His favorite part of working with the BCCF is the knowing he believes in the importance of the work of the Bismarck Cancer Center; and subsequently, he believes in the mission of BCC. He sees a great staff at BCC with great equipment. 

Renee Daffinrud, Past President

Renee Daffinrud joined the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board in 2010; she’s been involved with Bismarck Cancer Center since 2007. She initially became motivated to serve on the board or to help BCC in some way after her father was diagnosed with cancer. She witnessed so many acts of caring or compassion – she immediately knew she wanted to spread the word about BCC. 
Renee’s favorite part of BCCF is in knowing she is helping to ease the burden of cancer to individuals and their families; she finds all experiences with BCCF to be rewarding

Andy Buntrock, Secretary

Andy Buntrock serves on the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board. After seeing the changes taking place over the last several years at Bismarck Cancer Center, he knew he’d like to be involved in raising money or funding for the foundation. 
His most memorable experiences with BCC are those that demonstrate the hard work and support members provide this wonderful cause. He feels honored to be asked to serve with a group of people so dedicated to making positive changes in people’s lives through BCCF. 

Amber Rae Bernhardt

Amber was invited to participate on the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board in 2013. Amber was inspired to work with the Cancer Center because she, like nearly everyone else, has supported many family and friends through the dreaded disease. Amber believes the organization is an exceptional part of the Bismarck/Mandan community. 

Amber's favorite part of working with the organization is seeing all the board members and volunteers give so freely of their time and talent. The creativity of the fundraising events not only provide financial support to the center but also entertainment and enjoyment to the community.


Bob Ritterbush

Carol Hanson

Carol Hanson joined the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board in 2010. She became motivated to join after hearing the many stories and the knowing the emotions behind the scenes. Her favorite part of working on the BCCF is how rewarding outcomes can be and how compassionate people can be.

Dale Ely

Dale joined the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation board in 2012. He was motivated to serve on the board because he enjoys the staff and feels it’s an important cause.

Dale Pahlke


Dave Nelson

Dave has volunteered on the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board since 2013. He enjoys giving back to the community and is proud to be part of a wonderful organization like the BCCF.

After seeing many of his family and friends battle cancer and understanding what people with a cancer diagnosis have to go through, Dave feels giving back is the right thing to do. 

David Wald

Donavan Blazek

Duey V. Johnson

Duey joined the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board in 2012 as an opportunity to make a differnce in the lives of so many. He is very passionate about the BCC and the BCCF and believes in the mission and the daily good that staff, volunteers and the community do to help those struggling with cancer. 

Duey says that the staff at the Center have become like a second family to him. He would drop anything to help out!  

John Evanson

John has been a part of the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation since 2011. He is very proud of the wrap-around services the Foundation provides patients, and he thinks it is important that everyone who comes to the BCC feels like a VIP. 

John is always the 'fun' guy in the group! When he's not volunteering his time with the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation, you can find him playing a round or two of golf. 


Loren Balkowitsch, 

Loren Balkowitsch became motivated to volunteer on the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board while watching his sister-in-law battle breast cancer. Loren wanted to get off the sidelines and become more proactive in the fight against cancer. Slowly watching this loved one being taken away drove him nuts. He wanted to help other families he could to help them not feel the pain of losing someone that special. 
His favorite part of working with the BCCF is working with amazing people who always put others first. He enjoys watching the funds raised directly impact the patients supported by the foundation. His most memorable moment was handing over the check from the Volkowitsch Open; the culmination of all of the hard work and time put into an event come together. Loren is also the founder of Give 5 to Cancer, Inc. in which the online store donates part of the proceeds from every order they receive to the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation.

Myron Schulz

Paul Morth

Paul joined the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board in 2013 after serving for many ears as a member of the Bismarck Caner Center's Board of Directors while employed with Medcenter one. Paul was motivated to particpate in the foundation board because his previous involvement left him with a "soft spot in his heart" for the cancer center. 

Paul's favorite experience to date is learning about all the activities the BCCF is involved in and now being able to be a volunteer with these activities.

Rebecca Fricke

Rebecca Fricke joined the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board as a way to benefit individuals within our area who are battling cancer. The fact that cancer touches so many lives motivates her to do something to help ease the difficult experience and journey for our patients, families and friends.

Her favorite part of working with the BCCF is hearing stories of gratitude from individuals that have received assitance from the foundation. 

Roger Krueger

Roger Krueger is a founding member of the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation. He is proud of the fact that the work he does with the advisory board helps provide significant and tangible assistance to the community, our neighbors and friends, who are fighting cancer. He believes in the mission and vision of the BCC and enjoys organizing the Hunting Dakota with Roosevelt event every year. 

Roger and his wife of 39 years have two children and almost five grandchildren.

Steven Richard

Steven joined the BCCF after serving as a volunteer with the Cancer Center for several months in 2015. The experiences he had as a volunteer and the conversations with patients and their families motivated him to do more and join the BCCF Advisory Board. 

"Thinking of patients and how hard they are fighting is what motivates me to give my time and energy to help. After visiting with a patients and their families, I could feel how much the support of the BCCF and the BCC staff meant to them." 

Susan Schwieters

Susan Schweiters began volunteering on the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board in 2008. She was honored to be invited and thought she’d give it a try. Her favorite part of working with BCCF is the opportunity to work with great people and know she is helping the community. Her most memorable experiences include Diva Party nights – the fundraisers held at Lillian’s.

Susan Sisk

Susan enjoys working with the advisory board and being a part of the many Cancer Center community events. She served on the BCC Board of Directors when she was employed by CHI St. Alexius Health, and she is very committed to the BCC and its mission. 

In her free time you will find Susan reading, running, doing yoga. She is grateful for her faith

Tina Wetzel 


Wayne Beutler

Wayne Beutler didn’t hesitate to join the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation (BCCF) advisory board when he was asked to serve. As a patient at the BCC, Wayne had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people, both patients and dedicated staff, during his treatment. He enjoys seeing and feeling the passion board members, staff and volunteers have as they strive to make a difference in the lives of many.

When Wayne isn’t helping with BCCF duties, you will find him enjoying time with his wonderful family, or training clients at the Missouri Family YMCA.

Wendlin Piatz

Wendlin Piatz first became motivated to serve on the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation advisory board when he helped to put on a fundraiser. He was asked to volunteer, and after working alongside the quality of people he was involved with on the foundation, he knew he couldn’t say no. He knew it would be rewarding. In that event, he learned staff members work together to make events easy and manageable – and they are easy to get along with. 
His most memorable event includes the ‘Hunting Dakota with Roosevelt’, where he was randomly seated across the table from a brother of a former member of the Boilermaker’s Local 647 (the construction union he belongs to). The brother had passed away due to cancer. They filled the time with conversation and reflection. Wendlin shook Tweed Roosevelt’s hand

Zanne Ness

Zanne enjoys her time with the BCCF because she knows that the efforts of her work are going to help people. She says, "Nothing is wasted and all is based on compassion and respect for the needs of patient, survivors, and their families." She sees how much good the Cancer Center does for those with cancer and it motivates her to continue helping. 

Zanne is grateful for her husband, children and grandchildren. She enjoys playing competitive bridge with her husband.